Kimberally Tull – Manager, Community Development and Engagement – University Of Toronto

It has been a pleasure working with iDEEa on the University of Toronto’s recent sneaker culture panel discussions and events. iDEEa’s passion, enthusiasm and professionalism for thier work is obvious and contagious. It’s exciting to see something as common as a sneaker be used as an effective means of community engagement and education. iDEEa uses the sneaker as a point of access and outreach to bridge worlds and unpack assumptions, myths and biases. Their work is inventive and relatable, to young and old, but also meaningful, impactful and relevant, as it addresses colonial positionalities and present day issues. iDEEa’s work has provided the community with a great opportunity to learn how to critically think and shape our interactions with others. The true power of iDEEa s work is in the ability to use contemporary culture  as a vehicle to prepare us to gain understanding, insight and education about ourselves, others and the community at large.  (great line)